Porting the Monome Modules to VCV Rack

(John Wise) #1

What is the state of Monome modules being ported over to VCV Rack?

(Roman Novikov) #2

Never heard of it. Are somebody doing this at all?

(Joopvanderlinden) #3

The developer (Michael Dewberry, if I’m not mistaken) is working on them at the moment, after quite a bit of time of silence. So I expect new versions, and (more importantly) 1.0 versions, too. You can find more info at the Lines forum.

(Skrylar) #4

If you mean this monome, then I didn’t see anything saying they were open hardware. Someone might have to go through the motions of getting permission to make the replicas?

(Joopvanderlinden) #5

(Stephan) #6

linux build is been released yesterday

(Roman Novikov) #7

Whats interesting, thank you& Builded this for my mac and everything looks good so far.