Portamento/Glide effect with automatically controlled Rise/Fall (Rampage)

Hi everybody, i would like to ask your opinion/help. I would make some Portamento effect with the Befaco Rampage, relatively slow. I have the seq 3 with random voltages, and i would set the rise and fall times, so that the lenght of the rise/fall in Time should be always the same. For example, between two steps (3V and 5V) takes 1s to rise, but between 2V and 8V needs more time, so it sounds slow (just an example). I would adjust them so that the rise/fall phases are equal in time, even if the differences between the voltages are relatively large. I would control the rise and fall in Rampage via their cv inputs, but i just cannot set them automatically. I could calculate the difference between each step, and then use the second row to control their rise/fall, but it would be a lot of work, and makes no sense, if the seq 3 runs through a quantizer or the sequence changes randomly. I dont know, is there a way to solve this problem? I hope i described it correctly. For your help thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

I once made a patch similar to this idea. I ran the sequence through a shift register, and then through a module which can work out the difference between 2 voltages (I think it was Submarine AO unit) and output that voltage (the difference of the 2) to adjust the rise and fall times accordingly. So step 1 passes through the shift register when step 2 comes along and then you will have the current steps voltage as well as the previous step voltage to work with. I could be completely off target here, but its an interesting concept. I can’t remember if it worked properly, probably not, that’s why I gave up.

hey, thanks for your reply! :slight_smile: It sounds good and ive tried it, but somehow it still doesnt work. But the idea sounds logical, i think it must be here a solution. Thank you!