Polyphony in clock processing modules?

Seems that although multiple polyphony on clock dividers (for example) might be useful, what is the most logical meaning of polyphonic timing?

It seems mono is easy, all poly duplication with mono display is easy (with a minor on data show parallelism), but is there some polyrythmic ratio delay counter optimal for clocking?

Should reset be “omni” to all the poly? This is a user choice but are somethings easier for the composer if things are arranged a way?

I had an idea of ratios on the clock outs, or simply unify all the clock ins. What’s an 'arp anyway?

Uh … could it be an abbreviation for “arpeggiator”?

I thought it was short for Alan Robert Pearlman :wink:

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LOL - why not?

Maybe you mean ‘polyrhythmic’?
( see Polyrhythm - Wikipedia )
But IMHO this doesn’t need polyphonic clock dividers :thinking:

True, the thing is making polyphonic have some sort of meaning in module development for clocking modules.

I decided on channel 1 (mono) as the module as it would physically be, and higher channels clock (n) latch in the channel (n-1) output so the polyphonic becomes a kind of an arp clocked delay. It made more sense.