Poll for News of the Rack

Hello everyone in Rackland, you’ll probably have noticed that the News of the Rack is pausing right now. This is partly because in the week before last was not much to report and on the other hand, that I was traveling last week and came back yesterday. Now I have noticed that although a lot has happened in the Plugin Manager, but that it primarily concerns Rack V1 and as long as the new version is not officially released, I really do not want to present the corresponding modules. Nevertheless, there are of course a few things to report, but I do not know if I would rather wait until the release of V1 and then publish a large special edition. That’s why I’m asking you what you want. :love_you_gesture::sunglasses:

  • I can wait, I want everything together in a big special issue after V1 is released!
  • I want it now, just give me the 0.6.x news!
  • I do not care, I do not read that anyway!

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