Plugins up for adoption and porting to v2

We’re starting to see some open source plugins where the developers have said they are not in a position to update them further or port them to v2 and have stated that they would be happy/willing for their plugin to be taken over and maintained by another developer.

I figured it would be useful to have a list of these plugins in one place. So far there is:

It’s generally a given that open source plugins should remain open source if taken over.

If you are a developer and would like to take over the porting and maintenance of one of the plugins listed here, please get in touch with the plugin’s developer for more information and post here to let us know so I can remove the plugin from the list. :slight_smile:

If you hear of any other developers who would like their plugin to be adopted, please post below and I will add them to the list.


Good stuff Steve! Maybe for each plugin, give the link to the library page, which leads to the rest - repository, contact into, etc? So, e.g. VCV Library - Befaco

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I know this thread is old, but if someone would port GitHub - Skrylar/skjack-vcv: First-class JACK support for VCV Rack that would be great especially for linux users. Code is LGPL, dev doesn’t want to work on it anymore, so I guess it’s a good candidate.

I did a naive port that kinda works, and other did as well (see forks on github), but there are issues

  • the port names is garbled
  • it does consume a lot of CPU apparently in Rack v2