plugins not found

Rack 2 installed, updated all plugins. I see them appearing in the plugins folder. After restart, I see them get unpacked into folders. But they will not show up in the browser. And Rack keeps on asking to update the plugins.

I have tried deleting settings.json, but that did not help. I can write to support, but I am hoping to find some help here first

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Rack 2.0.0 or Rack 2.0.1?

If Rack 2.0.0 then re-download - there was a download time limit in place that was breaking larger downloads.

Thank you. I was indeed running an old version. I installed Rack Pro 2.01, and now it won’t start. Getting a “fatal signal 11 sig” in the log file

Have you got an old Rack2 folder lying around from a beta? I’d delete it and start again as long as you don’t have saved patches in there etc

No, deleted that already.

Nuke the plugins folder and rebuild would be my advice and if that doesn’t work send an email to support. Plugins seem a little more sensitive to what SDK they were built in and what version of Rack they are installed to right now.

Yes, did that too. Nuked the entire rack2 folder just to be sure. To no avail. Now let’s see what support can do. This is a bit disappointing. Ruined the entire Omri evening for me :frowning: Thanks for your help

Sorry to hear that Joop! Hope Andrew or Richie can sort you soon.

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