Plugin doesn’t show up in Rack

I´m load blugins github - Code - download zip and and extract the file My documentation - Rack - Plugins-v1…and nothing appears in the VCV library after restarting? Win 10 / VCV 1.1.6

Which plugins? Sounds like you might be trying to install pre-v1 plugins.

Everything, I’ve tried it, nearly 40 times different plugins for For example

If you are downloading and extracting zip-files manually you are doing something wrong.
Did you subscribe to the plugins on the website and update them afterwards in the Rack-software under the „Library“ menu item?


You mention downloading code from github - the one you gave an example for has source code rather than the plugins themselves, this needs to be compiled before Rack will recognise it.

It’s certainly possible to download the code and compile yourself, I think some people do that, but stoermelder’s advice is much easier and convenient unless you have a particular reason not to do it this way.


Like @stoermelder says - do it the easy way. log in and download inside VCV. It’s trivial.