Plugin Dev for Nubs


So I’m not so much a nub to programming, I’ve developed in a long list of languages, for profit, for fun, for everyday work, however, I have never attempted to tackle anything DSP related outside of max/msp. It would be cool if there were some hello world geared specifically towards vcv rack plugins, something showing an example of binding the GUI to the functions, some simplistic LFO or Oscillators etc.

Does anyone have some examples or links to tutorials that could get someone started? My normal route here would be to start reading through githubs but anything more direct would be more enjoyable.

(Adrian Likins) #2

In particular, the ‘Template’ plugin, which implements an oscillator.


ha yeah i just saw that lol /facepalm

thanks for the reply though :smiley:

(Paul Piko) #4

Keep your eye out for Geco to be released by Hora

(Skrylar) #5

Looks a bit like Ingen. You can make effects out of stacks of LV2 instruments wired together, and the saved patches can be loaded as their own LV2 instruments.