please help! module not found in plugin

→ Manifest contains module SQA but it is not defined in the plugin

also got a warning during compile that SQA was not used

have updated plugin.cpp and .hpp

Is this your own plugin, or one you have pulled down from git?

In either case, it sounds like someone forgot to register the global init function. Mine looks something like this:

void init (::rack::Plugin *p)
    pluginInstance = p;
    p->slug = "your-slug-name-here";
    p->version = TOSTRING(VERSION);
   ... more  module registration here ...

duoh !!!

I put the external … in both places

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I get this message during make

make: *** No rule to make target ‘build/src/SQ1.o’, needed by ‘’.

and thanks for the previous help

Hi @bill.bain!

Friendly suggestion–let’s keep this all in one thread. Maybe put this (and future build issues) over in please help! module not found in plugin - #4 by bill.bain and the mods can zap this thread and the other one if they feel like it? {edit: it has been done}

Can you add some context, maybe include the makefile and an overview of the build directory?

started again with a new plugin, problem went away. thanks! (no idea what it was but no longer a problem)

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These “mechanical” low tech issues all crop up when you start doing something. Luckily with VCV modules there is much less of this to deal with than there is on other platforms.

make: *** No rule to make target ‘build/src/SQ1.o’, needed by ‘’. Stop.

I think the problem was caused because I made a copy of the source module using ctrC and ctrV and it couldnt make the copy (but didnt say it was the copy, perhaps because of the space in the name?).