Please fix the file name rewrite after crash bug!

This is such a frustrating bug! I have lost much time and many patches! :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

The bug:

Open a patch. Save the patch. Open a new or different patch. Rack crashes before you have a chance to save the latter. Rack opens with the current, unsaved patch, yet retains the former patches file name. Go to save your patch, and you have now written over the former patch.

Being aware of this bug sometimes helps negate a force of habit, however, saving documents frequently should not be punished.

To a non-software dev seems like an easy fix: Rename the file after a crash, or correctly remember an unsaved patches file name.


A possible workaround, turn off autosave ?

in rack\settings-v1.json change autosavePeriod to 0.

"autosavePeriod": 0.0,

EDIT: nah - doesn’t change the situation. It picks up the old filename after a crash.

But, this forum is not the right place to report bugs.


No worries.

long ago reported, will be fixed in v2 of Rack…

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