Please Add some functions

Hello there, first congratulations for this great software, has collaborator need share my ideas for future updates, please developers I need some features to add:

  1. Select one, two or more modules and copy the patch selected
  2. Paste the selected modules setup

This idea is for copy multiples modules in one patch and then can paste all selected modules in another patch

This idea can be more easy work with others patches and then can paste in new projects.

Another feature also think

Select varius modules and then export the patch in other format to import in a new project patch

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Take a look at


for feature request take a look of the github site,is full of that idea and variations

Strip is very powerful! A lot of of Stoermelder provide workflow features like that, it’s worth getting familiar with what they can do for you.

Note that Rack V.2 will have better preset management, including developer-provided factory presets, and user defaults per module.

(edit) somehow the forum refuses to embed the image in that post, here it is:

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Oh thanks I will try it