Plaits Granular Formant osc's AUX - OUT relationship


I was just playing around with Plaits in Granular Formant mode and was wondering why the Harmonics knob is both mapped to the frequency ratio (OUT) and a filter type (AUX).

As far I know and hear there is no relation between these mappings, or am I missing something here? For clarity, I’m patching both outputs into a mixer.

From the documentation:

> HARMONICS: frequency ratio between formant 1 and 2

> HARMONICS: controls the filter type (peaking, LP, BP, HP), with smooth variation from one response to another.

Thanks for you wise words,


From what I understand the AUX output just offers an alternative output, not always directly related to the “main” output. I’m guessing it was just a limitation of the hardware when they were designing it - they’ve got 5 knobs to play with and that probably seemed the most economical way of getting both functions in there.

(If you weren’t aware, the VCV Audible Instruments plugins are based on IRL hardware modules by Mutable Instruments, so this would have been a design choice by MI, not VCV).


not always directly related to the “main” output.

That clarifies a lot! Thanks for the explanation!