Placing components

Hello. I noticed that when i’m developing modules, i spend a lot of time placing components (knobs, ports, etc…). This is because every time i make a change i have to recompile->close VCV->Reopen VCV.

So, i’m wondering if there’s a faster way of doing this. I tried using placeholders, but found that X/Y origin are different from Inkscape to Rack. Inkscape origin is in the left-bottom corner, while Rack origin is in the left-top corner.

I’m sorry if this subject has been treated before, but i searched and found nothing.

This is fixed in the latest release candidate of Inkscape (1.0rc1). The default setting is now for the origin to be in the top-left.


Very nice!

Adobe XD is a free program for screen design. I find it very easy to use for making VCV panels. And it does put the origin in the upper left, same as VCV.

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thanks Squinky…nice to know