Pitch envelopes?

Hey All,

my brain seems to be on the moon today. Got a patch that I’m controlling off the Comp Keys via Funda>MIDI-1.

I want my pitch to drop (like, slowly gliss off the note) when I release a key, but so far, no luck.

I’ve tried a Slew Limiter (0 attack, ~1s release) on the PITCH CV, but that only works on note changes.

Also an ADSR triggered by MIDI-1 GATE, modulating a VCA-1 (Controlling the PITCH CV).

No dice. Am I on the right path, or way off?

I’d probably go the ADSR route. Set 0 attack, 100% sustain, and release to your liking. Modulate the FM of a VCO with that envelope.


FM… I was taking that signal into the V/Oct…


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I was thinking use an attenuverter on the v/oct and use the inverted gate with a slew limiter.

Take a slow LFO and use something like Befaco attenuverter to lower it’s level and invert it.
Have the LFO reset at gate release. Add this signal to your pitch CV.

…and I type to slooowwww apparently.

okay, just made it work using Andrew’s suggestion. It didn’t initially occur to me to use the FM input.
This is one of those things that sounds like it ought to be so easy that it would be routine to make work but it’s a little harder than it looks.

I would have gone with some multiplier/scaler instead of directly going to the FM input, but patching directly in to FM is cheeky and it works.

Do you want auto slide like in Roland SH1 ?
you need an ADSR with an EOS pulse (End of sustain)
when the EOS is out, trig a secondary AR with inversed scale that modifies the cv IN

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if you want always an OUT OF TUNE VCO when the ADSR is not trigged, you need anADSR like dx7, where you set the LEVEL 4 < 0

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