Pitch-accurate sequencing between Rack and hardware - an illustrated guide

I have ammended the guide with a description of using a hardware calibration module, in this case my Ornament & Crime, for sequencing Rack from hardware. I think this guide is complete now.


Here’s a video I found about how to overcome some problems when using the Komplete interface. Komplete Audio 6 DC Coupled cabling and voltage boost - YouTube Bottom line is, I think, that it’s a great and cheap way to get 4 cv signals out into the real world.


Thanks Joop.

To be honest I think this is a lot of faffing about for very little real meat, so to speak. Special cables, more modules and expense, etc. In my setup two of those outputs would always be connected to my monitors, so that leaves two outputs available, and no inputs, with special cables, through amplification, etc. etc. Yes it’s cheap(er) but I simply don’t think it’s worth it and will lead to disappointment.

I think if someone is serious about having a hybrid system you should just bite the bullet and get the real deal. I have probably been spoiled rotten by having my ES-9, but it just works like it should and there’s plenty of ins/outs with no problems. So either get an audio interface with ADAT+an ES-3 (for just outputs), an ES-8 (slim) or go the full mile and get the ES-9 (my recommendation). Yes it’s not cheap but eurorack and hardware are not cheap hobbies, so there you go. That’s my advice. Either stay in the box or get the proper tools for the job, without the fuss and disappointments for very little gain.

Or you could consider just going full MIDI, and get a beefy MIDI interface for the modular with enough channels of outputs for your sequencing needs. That’s actually a cheaper and very viable option. If I was on a slim budget today, and wanted a hybrid system, that’s probably the way I would go. It could be a $140 Doepfer for one sequence going to your hardware, or a $299 FH-2 for 8 CV outputs, so up to 4 channels of gate+pitch sequences going to your hardware from Rack. The CV.OCD at the bargain price of $139 also looks seriously awesome. Or go crazy with a $450 Hermod for 8 full sequences to the hardware + a powerhouse sequencer on top. Something to think about.


I definitely wouldn’t buy a Komplete Audio 6 for this purpose, but if you have one already then it may be worth a go. If you want to go the ‘buying a new audio interface’ route then Presonus and MOTU offer better options for a little extra.

The ES-9 was the first module I purchased, because I knew everything else depended on having that at the centre gluing everything together. There is a reason why Expert Sleepers sell expanders for the ES-3/8/9 - you can never have enough I/O in a hybrid system. Lars is right - in the end you will be frustrated by the Komplete Audio 6.


Well, I am not going to buy the Komplete, that’s for sure. I just thought it would be a nice addition to this (great) thread, so I did a bit of research. I am using the Midi route, works great for me. CV-OCD for the interfacing. Using quite a lot of '80’s stuff, so that’s best controlled by MIDI anyway. Funny though, when watching that video, for 10 minutes I thought: Get out your soldering gear!


Great discussion, I didn’t see anybody mention the potentially soon to arrive Univer Inter

Well, no price yet. The FH-2 mentioned above seems more full-featured and is extremely flexible, and apropos the current topic it also has a VCO calibration feature built-in, so great for a hybrid setup, but if the Univer Inter is cheaper then great, more choice and options!