Pets (and their reactions to wiggles)

My cat seems to hate noises from watching others’ wiggles (either on stream or YouTube, but not my own, because my laptop doesn’t stream through the home theatre).

She doesn’t caterwaul or anything, but she basically runs away.

What’s others’ experiences? Howling dogs? Singing birbs?

The cats don’t seem to mind my hideous noises. They were not fans of my son’s clarinet playing, however. My wife can’t stand my noise, if that counts.

I used to take care of my neighbors cat while i was making my album, or just jamming in my room. The cat was always on my bed, and i noticed :

  • he is interested in ambient and soft sounding synths, either my work, or @Omri_Cohen 's livestreams always made him interested, and wanting to jump on my lap to watch the computer too

  • he was slightly uneasy when i played piano, so i started using headphones, but it was actually the key noises bothering him, so i started to play piano vsts with a midi keyboard to make less noise for him.

  • he didn’t mind guitar at all, sometimes i would play with distortion, or slightly louder than usual, but he would still fall asleep, i guess he would sleep even in an hard rock concert :smile:

but i guess every cat has his own musical taste and personality, just like every person :slight_smile:


So from what is understood about the hearing of cats for example, is that they have one of the largest frequency ranges in mammals 48Hz – 79000Hz. Being most sensitive in the range of 500Hz – 35000Hz. Human range being 20Hz – 20000Hz. And a cat can hear sound at a level far less than the quietest we can hear.

I understand some sound system speakers go over this 20000Hz up to around 35000Hz.

It is clear that even the noise of aluminium foil can distress a cat and is believed to have caused seizures in some cases.

From a personal observation my cat would often sit by the front door of my first floor flat in busy South London, some minutes before my girlfriend arrived. She lived 5 minutes walk away. There were no routine visits involved.