Performance Anxiety

Triggering multiple 8Faces appears to glitch the audio. They are all changing many parameters on different modules. So, I suppose it’s a quick burst of multiple changes that run through the processor all at once.

Any ideas on how to remedy this? Aside from “use fewer modules,” or “get a faster processor.”

Looking for insight in helping the computer process multiple changes in one go.

Have experimented on low CPU mode as opposed to most modules mode. CPU drops 50%, but the crackling still occurs when switching all the bits.

Try to avoid to much use of virtual mouse clicks (8Face/uMap) if your computer can’t handle it.

You have to weight off what is achievable with CV modulation instead and balance it with knob mapping.

Because it is like you are clicking many buttons /knobs at once with the mouse.

So using something like Entrian CV to send signals, instead of “virtual mouse” clicks?

It all really depends on what you are trying to achieve. CV modulation can come from Entrian if you want to create a strict linear timeline, but you can also use clocks/dividers/automation (TACT)/S&H /Envelopes, really too many options :slight_smile:

I’m trying to songify the patch. So it will end up as a timeline project ultimately. At the moment I am triggering the section changes with a keyboard button mapped to all the 8faces. So I can switch through sections and make edits. But I get the crackle.

Try and take the time to learn to work with clocks and dividers, this will help you in the long run.

You can have parts of your patch come in and out of your song structure by “arranging” them with different clock timings.

This can either be by muting the parts in the originating sequencer, or on the mixer.

Use a clock divider lets say : Clocked to start with, and experiment with that . If you need more divisions, attach a Count Modula divider.

To create triggers, that will be used to trigger the mutes/ starts/ etc.

And conduct your patch parts (voices) to come in and out of the structure, either by controlling the audio mix, or controlling the sequenced parts.

Yeah, I am using a mute system. The 8faces take care of them. Everything is basically running. I feel the problem is either, as you say, multiple virtual mouse clicks, or just a lot of parameter changes in one go. I would like to determine this somehow.

I will gladly take the time to learn about clock dividers and see if this helps.

What sequencer(s) are you using?

Impromtu Foundry = 2 synths… Entrian Melody = 1 synth… Entrian Drummer = 2 drum samplers… Count Modula Clock random gates = 6 drum samplers…

To be honest mate, this patch is extremely busy. I essentially set out to create a custom DAW

These 3 all have capability to create structure from within, without the need of using 8face.
Foundry has song mode, and Entrian sequencers have a linear work structure to buildup as song.

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Agreed. Good point.

So the 8faces were meant to be temporary, to switch between and quickly edit sectiond before using timeline to put it all together.

You reckon once I ditch the 8faces for the timeline structuring, the crackle with diminish?

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Buildup as much inside of them to create the most of the song structure, all that is left then is automation of your audio levels.

Mixer automation. Reduce unnecessary strain of your computer.

You will have to strip down your patch , as you were building it up.
Only you can see and hear on your computer what has lead to the crackles as you were building up the patch :slight_smile:

Right. You’ve given me a lot to think on here. Thanks so much for your time. You may hear more from me soon.

Glad i could help, have fun there!

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You should be aware that 8FACE essentially loads a preset of a module. It depends on the module but this can be quite intensive on your hardware resources, just imagine a sampler loading different samples.

Ha, I thought this thread about human psyche :smiley:


Yeah it’s better to use Transit instead

Thanks. Could you offer a technical explanation as to why Transit is better?

Is it because it modulates CV parameters, instead of loading presets?

Furthermore, can Transit map multiple modules, like the 8Face Mk2?

I did some testing and the crackles seems to sound when 8facing sythn parameters and not with other modules like drum triggers. This would make sense.

I’m not sure what you mean by “CV parameters” but TRANSIT maps module parameters like any other mapping module, just like MIDI-MAP. These parameters can be from any module in your Rack.