Percussa SSP MINI

Anybody see this?

It says it has the same cpu as the big one. I guess you lose some in/outs and lose the ability to record your project but it comes in a much better price of $549

Here is the kickstarter page -

I might have to use my stimulus check on it :rofl:

unfortunately, it did not hit funding (this is an old KS, finished in dec 2018) perhaps one day Bert might dust it off to give it another go :slight_smile:

in the meantime, I got its big brother, and love it… Ive been developing vsts for it which is a lot of fun. (so far im up to 8 vsts, including some mutable ones :wink: )

for sure, its not cheap… but it fills alot of functions. since the above KS, Percussa have made it a DC coupled audio interface, with 24 (!) channel in/out over USB.

this makes it fun with vcvrack… i can have vcv send/rec 24 audio/cv channel, into ssp which can locally process it thru modules and also act as a gate via the physical cv/audio jacks to the rest of my rack… a true hybrid approach.

I really do hope Bert considers the mSSP again, it be great to bring more users into the community. (1)

(1) hmm, just noticed mSSP in KS lacked the USB device port required for audio interface… hope a few version would include it, its SO useful.