Pause in module updates?

Hey! I submitted a new build 3 days ago and it hasn’t been marked as “needs review” yet. Looks like other free modules are in similar situation. Just wondering if someone is on vacation :slight_smile:

Same here but I’m in no hurry, so happy holidays :grinning:

A complete guess: there’s issues with updating some plugins so it is on hold until fixed.

LindenbergResearch is not updating for some including myself but there has been some other plugins that were not updating in Rack but these issues were fixed. The LR issue persists.

2-4 days is not an unusual amount of time for tracked issues to be reopened from what I observed.

@cschol simply hasn’t reviewed plugins since Jan 27. That’s it. Nothing to worry about.


If I don’t receive a bug report, the problem will never be fixed.

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Several people have reported this to the developer already.

Plugin developers do not handle distribution of their plugins on the VCV Library. VCV Library issues need to be reported to VCV.

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I’ve presumed the developer would report these issue.

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Haha, true, but don’t count on it.


3 days…you guys are killing me… :skull_and_crossbones: :upside_down_face:


Welcome back :stuck_out_tongue:

Take it easy, thank you for making sure no malicious code makes it past you :smiley: