Pattern oscillator module (at proof of concept stage)

Some time ago, I created a prototype of an experimental oscillator (Aeolus - meditation for pattern oscillator (and complex waveforms demo))

Here is another demonstration I recorded today (using only 1X PO-16 and effects):

It can create a wide range of complex, multi layered sounds, if desired with subharmonic structures. Although it is not the most intuitive oscillator, I think that the concept has potential and would like to get it ready for release.

Since @netboy3 has done such a great job with the VCO-3340 port, I asked him for help. Once there is a Rack 1.x compatible version, I would like to release a prototype and ask people to experiment with it and give me feedback with regard to how to optimize its usability.

This post is a kind of announcement but also a knot in my handkerchief so that I don’t forget it :wink:


@netboy3 strikes again! Great work all!

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Btw: This is where the sequence in the demo is from:

Mid 90s Frankfurt sound - oh the memories!