Path clipping with SVG different in 1.0

[Figure it out - but leaving up in case it helps anyone?]
My module “Colors” has a gl texture showing fake “static” and the a panel on top of it. The panel has a “border” that’s a closed path filled with opaque light gray (e6,e6,e6). The not-filled remaining area of the panel makes a transparent windows that frames (and clips) the noise animation.

An the black rectangular path around the output jack seems be be “under” the noise. But the white Label and the jack both render fine. It really looks like the z-order of the panel and the noise texture are reversed.

In v1 the panel doesn’t clip. everything renders but the fake noise looks like it’s on top of the panel. Any idea what changed, or how to get this to work again?

Oh - I see! ModuleWidget::setPanel() always adds the panel as the bottom most layer! I guess I need to add my panel just as a regular child?

Update: yeah, working fine. I copy pasted setPanel and made a version that doesn’t add panel as bottom most child.

colors-6 colors-1

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