Patch version control

As an utter newbie at all this I really miss a quick way to save the progress of a patch developing. Manually renaming each version on ‘save as’ is somewhat cumbersome. So I looked for a few ways to do it:

Version control by saving files with an incremented version number, add a ‘+’ button next to the file menu. You’d probably want to save to a project folder instead of to just the patches folder. New project could be added to the file. menu. “Ctrl + .” as short cut?

Version control built in to Rack using SQLite as an application file format: and imo the most elegant way and one could keep the plain text as it is next to it. Taking it into the extreme every change could be in the file so you can undo / redo even after stopping starting Rack or the project.

Version control using an SCM, the Zim desktop wiki does this and supports various back ends like Fossil and Git Iirc it auto-commits on save and also auto saves.

Could something like this be added to Rack?


Feature requests should be directed to GitHub. There are guidelines posted in each category

Ok. Thanks,


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A discussion about using git for version control took place previously over here

I thought I saw one alright couldn’t find. thanks!