Patch from Scratch - Problems for upcoming VCP-23

My patch today is a further exploration of the capabilities of the Scorovnik module. This time I created a patch for VCP-23. Module Disto from CF is the main module … errr … not in my patch, rather it is in second place. The beginning of the film was made just before I ran the whole idea of recording as “patch from scratch.” Sometimes the creative process is very lengthened for me, which is why the film starts where it begins. Sorry about that. Ready patch VCP-23 differs little from that which is presented in the movie. Today presents you my idea. Tomorrow I share a patch ready and the film with a ready arrangement for VCP-23. As I had to use part D of the sequencer Scorovnik. I do not exclude that still fall into the idea of how to use it and I will add something to the patch. I used the original NASA recording in this patch. This is the famous “Huston we have a problem …” from the Apollo 13 mission.