patch crashing vcv after long moment of using it

Hello I have a big patch I use often but sometimes it’s crashing vcv. I want to use it live so it is a bit problematic… Maybe somebody would understand what is the problem… I put the log.txt log.txt (102.7 KB) Thanks a lot. Matthieu

Is this a log of a crash or a success?

Does it crash loading or while being used?

It looks like you have a subscription to everything in the catalog, and some plugins it is finding on Rack load are older versions that need cleaned out, but I doubt that’s the issue.

Thanks for the answer. yes it is the log after crash and yes it is crashing being used. And yes I have almost all the catalogue of modules: is it bad for good performance of vcv?

I’m not knowledgeable about the software enough to say what is important. I’ve just spent a lot of years reading log files looking for things that look out of place, so I thought I’d try.

There is no crash info in the log file. Maybe someone else knows some tricks to get a crash log.

Indeed, the log seems to show a normal termination, exactly as it would if we had done File->Quit, very strange.
It’s trying to load backup copies of two of the plugins though, and I doubt that it could be the problem, but you might want to clean out these two:

[0.196 warn src/plugin.cpp:158] Could not load plugin D:\Users\matth\DOCUME~1/Rack/plugins-v1/Mental_old: Plugin Mental is already loaded, not attempting to load it again
[0.198 warn src/plugin.cpp:158] Could not load plugin D:\Users\matth\DOCUME~1/Rack/plugins-v1/MindMeldModular_old: Plugin MindMeldModular is already loaded, not attempting to load it again

Thanks for the tip. I cleaned my folder of plugins, I will see if it is better.

Next time it crashes, grab the log file before you restart rack.

Rack creates a new one each time you start it and overwrites the previous one.

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it crashed again…log.txt (49.8 KB)

Still no sign of any useful information about the actual crash in the log. :frowning: . Most unusual.

Just a couple of questions: Is this on Windows 10? Is the crash occurring randomly whilst the patch is playing or is it happening when you do something (saving a patch, closing rack, adding/removing a module)?

If windows, event log may shed light on at least if it is Rack crashing or some plugin, check Application section of event viewer for any Rack errors and check those, if some plugin crashes it will say so if not it’s Rack itself (very rare in my experience)

You’re not using more than one audio module are you?