Patch change in Bidoo bordL


I want to run it automatically and I dont like to scroll over it all the time. Sorry for my requirements. But if there is no perfect solution I have to work around somehow.

(Phil Golden) #22

What’s wrong with moving the extra sequencer out of the way.

Sorry but you are being a bit too awkward don’t think I can help.


You helped already a lot!

(Ron_H) #24

That’s nice to know.

Without using an offset, C4 = 0 volts
P1 = C4 - G4
P2 = G#4 - D#5
P3 = E5 - B5

Easier to remember as (for example):
P1 = C4
P2 = A4
P3 = E5
P4 = C6
P5 = A6
P6 = E7
P7 = C8
P8 = A8

Though too big for the OP, it makes pattern changes super easy to implement with rcm’s Piano Roll

(Jim Frye) #25

Solves the posted problem, even though it’s still a sequencer it takes up little space. At the end of each sequence it increments the sequential switch which sends the proper voltage (note) for the next Pattern. As Ron_H pointed out notes work, so I used a chromatic output voltage source to select the Pattern voltage.