Pass only the first trig in a group

I’m generating trigs with Hetrick Compare from audio signals, I’m getting sometimes group of very close trigs giving a snare drum “flam” effect. I’d like to pass only the first trig, so I need something like a audio gate that closes from the second trig in the group for a limited amount of time so it’s opened in the next first trig of the next group

Very difficult to explain sorry… How can I do that?

Without knowing the number of triggers in a burst you’ve to rely on time.

The patch left: burst generator to simulate your bursts.

right: gatemod used to make fast trigger visible in analyzer.

middle: gatemod converting the “first” trigger into a gate of given length, g->t is used to emit a trigger on gate start.

The trigger of g->t is so small that is not visible on the analyzer in this time scale, but it’s there.

Hope it helps.

Oh, I needed the same thing some days ago. Here’s a 2HP solution:


good old rampage swiss knife


Great ideas thanks!