Parametra + ShapeMaster = unbelievable filter craziness.

So you can have an instance of Parametra and use a Shapemaster Pro to mess with the band amplitude, center frequency & such. And then trance out watching the curve writhe like a snake on hot sand.


This is an idea I can get behind. Will now need to try my banjo through it. Because of course. :banjo:

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Have you tried that with Box of Revelation? (It should be available in v2 soon)

How much does Parametra weigh on the CPU? When I bought Rack I also got Soundstage but I can’t use it because the CPU meter shows me 14.5% (yes, the computer sucks) I can’t patch it haha, if Parametra is the same, maybe I’ll wait for a new PC before buying.

Last year I got the fastest computuer I could afford so I could stop worrying about that. But since you asked, it seems to hover around 2% on my computer. The Shapemaster Pro is at 10 or 11%

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like a z-plane filter…, nice.

Not sure who you were replying to , but the Box of Revelations is a z-plane filter :slight_smile:

Unfortunately that one is not available any longer,. is it somewhere outside the Library, or did the Frequency Domain plug not get updated to 2?

Hi, I’m the author of Frequency Domain :grin: The v2 release has been sent to the vcv folks about a week ago, just waiting on them now to add it to the library


thank you,. I will definitely have a look when it shows up!