Parameters with Point, next patch with Comma

Hello, I noticed a changing detail about the value of the parameters we change using the right click. When I launch VCVRack, the parameters use the point . ex: 0.12345


If I launch a new patch without closing VCVRack, the settings use the comma , ex: 0,12345


I noticed this, and it made me think I was delirious, imagine, I enter my parameters with the point, then the next patch it’s a comma! :face_with_monocle: What the hell is happening to me? :cold_face:

After searching, this really happens.

Is it a bug, or a non-standardized function that would require, I think, standardization.

Thank you. :upside_down_face:

What is your OS and country?

I’m using Solus Budgie (gnome 3.34) in France

@Vortico i’m French too, i will test it tomorrow and let you know I can test on Ubuntu mate 18.04 and Windows 10

What exactly triggers this? Launching the file open/save dialog box?

Simply right-clicking on a knob of a module to enter a value.

I mean, what causes the application to begin displaying commas in the knob text field until the application is closed? Does it happen only after the file dialog box opens for example?

This happens if I open another patch without quitting VCVRack

I launch VCVrack, if I right click on a knob of a module to enter a value, this is the point.

Without leaving VCVRack, I change and open another or a new patch, from there if I right click on a knob to enter a value, this is the comma.

Can you go into more detail about this? How are you opening the patch? File > Open, Ctrl-O, dragging a .vcv file into the Rack window? What if you open the file dialog and hit Cancel? Does the behavior switch still? Can you narrow this down?

Hope this video help you, raw video is here

Okay, I’m guessing the GTK message box sets the locale somehow. Can you confirm this by opening different boxes to demonstrate this correlation? Hitting cancel or OK shouldn’t affect it.

I can already see it with the little popup showing the value.
Raw video is here

I tried with the menu file/new, file/revert, file/open, with new or old patch, always the same behavior. After running VCVrack, first the values use the point, but after that, all patches opened afterwards will have the comma.

@Vortico It’s not happening on French Windows 10, and i’ve never noticed it on French Ubuntu-Mate either. Hope it can help for locating which OS are affected.

Yes, i’m pretty sure it’s this too