parameter locking steps in a sequence

Hi does anyone know if there is a way to do this? (Answered below)

Could you be more specific?

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PLOCK= Assign specific parameters to one step in a stepsequencer. Came from Elektron synths, right?

So I think there is no such thing in modular at all. Just take basic SEQ-3 - top row would be 1v\oct, second for the filter cutoff and thirg for the reverb amount. Is that ok or you want to do something else?

Moved thread to #plugins since this is about finding a particular module.

yes thanks thats what I mean. if cv could do something like this that would be something. I wonder if uMap by stoermelder could do this. I think 8Face is working there is also a 8facex2. So I answered my own question. Cool Cool

Digital Sequencer by Voxglitch may be useful to you,. .