Oxidlab svg bug?

my Oxidlab modules are failing to load their baseplate svg’s. here is a sample from the log. im getting this type of error for all modules in the plugin. this results in the modules being white with no texture or color on the baseplate. blanks are void of their graphics except for the logo.

[13.468 warn src/window.cpp:56] Failed to load image /Users/persy/Documents/Rack/plugins-v1/Oxidlab-Entferner/res/entferner_L_baseplate.png

im on macOS mojave/mbp(2019). anyone else having this issue? i checked them in both Rack and the @diimdeep branch for macOS.

edit: this was a .png rather than .svg file issue.

I only have the free one, but it looks good in my Windows install…

Does the error still occur if you delete the Oxidlab folder from your plugins directory and re-download it within Rack?

thanks for the suggestion. i will give that a try.

You might want to check that that file (entferner_L_baseplate.png) is actually there in that location.

Otherwise it’s perhaps worth noting that the Oxidlab backgrounds are png rather than svg. I can’t really think of any reason why your Mac would have any trouble loading png files but it is something that makes the Oxidlab modules different from most others.

@slimechildaudio this did the trick.

@steve i never realized they used .png on the baseplates and had never looked at a log detailing their modules, so i thought it was a bug related to their last update.