Overwrote a wav file

(Jim Frye) #1

Hey well I overwrote a wav file by accident. Luckily I had uploaded it to soundcloud first. Can anyone tell me how to get it from soundcloud back to my pc? I don’t see anywhere to download it, and if I have to rip it I don’t want to loose quality? Help. :blush:

(Peter Vos) #2

Go to properties/edit of the file and make it downloadable (for now)

(Jim Frye) #3

thanks will give it a try!

(Andrew Belt) #4

Regardless of downloadable status, you can always use youtube-dl <url>

(Jim Frye) #5

Worked perfectly thanks!

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(Michael Lloyd) #6

also can try rt clicking the wave file.Hit Properties, see if u can go back to a previous version on 1 the tabs, save a copy first tho.

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