[out now] drone day 2022 collab

just released as free download / pay what you want:
our drone day 2022 collab of members of the vcv rack community and the ambient online forums

listening with headphones is strongly recommended, to appreciate the details, the dynamics, and the space in this piece.

i have included the majority of material that was sent to me, at least one item per person. some needed some heavy processing with fx to fit with the mood of the piece, and not let it become a complete muddy noise fest… i hope every participant can trace their contribution.

i am happy with the result, which has more movement and dynamics than one might expect from a drone. i hope you all enjoy listening to it!


Dude, I’m only 6 minutes in but loving this, great job!

EDIT: Yep, lovely stuff.

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Really nice, lots of different textures and ambiances

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well d(r)one



Echo that, it must be a heck of a job to mix all that, great work Ben!


thanks, guys!

it’s a challenge and i love what comes out of it, so i tell myself this needs to be a continuing tradition.


This sounds great! Thanks for organizing this - it was a lot of fun.

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I listened carefully on headphones yesterday while working, more then once…I really enjoyed it :wink:

you have done a great job, dynamics are perfect…I can hear you like doing this, you’re getting better and better…thank you! :broccoli:

p.s. very nice picture btw

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Amazing from start to end! Happy to be a part of this. :grinning:

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