Osc with frequency display

It seems like there aren’t many oscillators with a precise frequency display on the panel. I think I’ve only found one so far. Are there any I’ve missed?

On the same note, are there any modules that do this besides the nsynthi tuna series?

In my line of work I feel like I’m right on the line between using the low frequency mode on the tuna and the regular mode, I drift between high LFO rates and low Oscillator frequencies, is there a frequency readout module that would work with the way that I work? Or an osc module that shows the exact frequency?

not sure if it it what you are looking for but you could enable the tooltips in your settings.json



Or even just turn them on from the menu.


Some oscillators display exact frequencies;

In fact if you want numbers displayed in the module, NYSTHI and Surge both do this a lot.

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and the red ones are draggable speed increases the farther left in the field the drag starts

a reminder: in the lfomultiphase FREQ field you can write also in BPM or SPM (sixteeenth) or EPM (eighth) or QPM (quater per minute)

example if you want a clock at 120 bpm, just write “120 bpm”

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