Orangeline Mother: Strange behaviour

Hi, While patching something for the last VCP challenge, I found a strange behaviour of the Mother module. Sort of a shifting of the CV output. When triggered, The cv outputs the signal present befor the trig. See the video here:

I put this here because I’m not 100% sure that it is really an issue. @Stubs?

I think this has to do with the 1 sample per module latency the trigger to the mother and the addrseq are at the same time but the cv from the addrseq is arriving 1 sample late at the mothers. Put a module between the trigger and the mother and it would work.

Or maybe a short signal delay bevor the trigger input? And then, does polyphonic signal delay modules exist?

That little sample delay (on the left of the image) may be the right tool, and it’s polyphonic… :wink:

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I usually use ML Sum , nice and small and also polyphonic when I need just 1 sample :smiley:

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Hi, Maybe there is a timing problem in your patch. If you use the same trigger to clock the sequencer and trigger Mother, the cv in of Mother is not yet set when it receives the trigger. Sample Delay the trg of Mother to get that right. Regards Dieter

Hi, It’s what I did! Thanks a lot for your reply. Here’s the final patch:

And thank you for your outstanding plugin. I’ve not understood Fence in detail yet, but it is cool for spreading voices for nice voicings. I already wish you a happy new year. Cheers.