Option to disable signal color animation to improve performance

Hey there! Had this in mind for some days: would removing signal color animation improve overall performance? I guess it would be fine for most users. image

I’m estimating it would give you about 1% CPU power?

Well, for big patches i think it could be more. Also, 1-2% could be the difference between a working patch and an unstable one (audio dropouts). Honestly, colored signals can be useful for learning purposes or when troubleshooting a patch, otherwise it’s just wasted cpu cycles IMO.

I doubt it would improve the performance measurably. Drawing is done by the GUI-thread which does not affect the dsp-processing (except for thermal throttling with integrated graphics) but you can sort of test it:
My STROKE module has a cable command which allows disabling the whole cable container of Rack. Yes, this also stops drawing of the cables but it should give you some indication how much performance is spent for it.


Thanks, gonna do a test asap

It is extremely difficult to reliably measure a 1% change in performance. Once you create a patch that is on the edge of breaking down, random things going on in your computer are going to affect VCV more than a 1% change in CPU usage.