Opinions on trigger accuracy

I’ve been developing a module to generate rhythms. It produces 8 channels of triggers and I’m interested to hear opinions on how accurate users might expect their trigger outputs to be.

Currently the sequencer is using around ~2.6% CPU when the triggers are accurate to 1 sample. However, at 1/2ms accuracy it uses ~0.1% CPU, and at 1/8ms accuracy it uses ~0.5% CPU. I will likely make this configurable, but I’m trying to decide what I should set this to by default.

If it were me (and it’s not) I would just divide by 4 for .1ms. plenty accurate, plenty low on the CPU. I wouldn’t add a config, but if you feel like it, why not?


As I’m not very keen on precision, and my vcv machine has an old processor, I’d go for less CPU. But that’s just me.

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for normal timing stuff +/- 5ms. is pretty bad, +/- 1 ms is very good. remember the speed of sound in air is close to one millisecond per foot.

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For rhythmic purposes, timing is crucial.
Therefore high accuracy and low latency would get my vote.

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You can hear less than a millisecond? I’m skeptical….

Ok? :clap:t4: :clap:t4: :clap:t4:

well, I’ve read the results of experiments, and done some myself. but it you’ve looked into it and find otherwise, cool, no need to clap. But if you haven’t done any experiments or read and papers about it… Then it’s not a fair clap fight, is it?

Bruce… i don’t understand exactly what your problem is?

But if you read again closely my post, it is written in plain English btw. I have never stated anything about my abilities or hearing or such thing.

I explicitly casted my vote for ‘high accuracy and low latency’ concerning Ops post about his new module.

Nothing more nothing less.
So if you really feel you need to reply on a post, then please read it first closely.

oh, sorry, I thought “Ok?” followed the three clap emoji was sarcasm. OP asked "I can clock at 22.6 microseconds (one sample at 44.1k SR), but I can save a lot of cpu if I clock lower. what are other’s opinions. I replied that I thought you could go all the way up to 1000 microseconds and it will still sound very tight. I took your repy to be disagreement with my original reply.

Latif, it only matters because these things cost CPU, so the relevant question is: When is the latency low enough - “enough” being the important word. Not burning CPU to achieve something we can’t hear.

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No, my reply was to the initial post of the Op. I just didn’t click on the reply button in his post. I will try to keep that more in mind.