Online patch sharing

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I don’t think you touched any delicate issue, nor that you received a special treatment. I’ve seen many requests/proposals/tickets being quickly closed by @Vortico the same way. You may find a similar approach in some of his replies here in the forum. IMHO this drastic approach simply makes sense / is the most efficient one, since VCV Rack is managed by a single person. Of course this limits the time that can / should be spent on dealing with handling tickets.

On the other hand, I’ve seen many open source projects never rejecting any feature requests (even where they would require lots of changes to the codebase)…usually not to “disappoint” people who had open them. It’s not an helpful approach. It still frustrates the users (who just keep hoping) and it make the actual development less efficient and more complex.


Hello mgrant.

Don’t take it personal. Is nothing political. Just the mantainer opinion. Sometimes we can change, not others. But we should allways respect others decisions.

What you want to do? You have all the data you need. Is a open source project. Just do some research.

For open source modules on github you send the link to your repo to the library team and they build it and put it on the manager for you.

I think the webpage fetch the module data from the library repo.

I am moving this from Development to VCV Rack as it is really a feature request (and one that has already been turned down).

Please note that Vortico does not respond to FRs here.