One time switch

I am using a Instruo tàin switch triggered by a sequencer. The point is that I want it only to switch on with the first trigger and remain that way. Anyone aware of a switch that can handle that?

Thanks, robert

It stays high even if you trigger it again, it’s also polyphonic.

This one also works (the On input), but it’s not polyphonic.

Any OR gate (or logic module with OR capability) can work. Simply patch your trigger cable to the A input, and the OR output to the B input. The OR output will start out low, and upon receiving a trigger at the A input, the OR output will go permanently high.

Temporarily disconnect the B input by clicking on the B port to reset the “switch” batch to an off state. Or pass the OR output through a mute switch before going to the B input if you want button and or CV control over the reset operation.

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SR Flip Flop. Trigger into the S (set) input. Reset into the R (reset) input. Output will go high on the first trigger to hit the S input and will stay high until you reset it with a trigger on the R input.

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Or alternatively you can use BASICally. The code you need:

if in1>2 
then out1=10 
end if

Demo BASICally.vcvs (2.2 KB)