Omri Cohen: Tutorial Videos

(Omri Cohen) #41

Thanks, Nik! Oh, it’s a beauty…

(Nik Jewell) #42

Having now spent several hours stepping through your video and experimenting myself I can only say that I am stunned by both this incredible generative sequencer and your masterful explanation of it Omri.

Many moons ago I tried to read this:
but decided that my life was too short :slight_smile:

When I look at it now it makes sense, but only because I have watched your tutorial. You have made the very complex easy to understand.

This will be one of the best additions to the toolbox yet.

Chapeau !

(Tugrikyan (OTK)) #43

I fully support Nik’s comments - excellent explanation of very complex module, big thanx, Omri!
P.S. I don’t want to seem intrusive, Omri, but it would be great, if you could do yet another sequencer review, - I am eagerly waiting for more detailed explanation of new Foundry plugin :wink:

(Omri Cohen) #44

Thanks so much, Nik! I have to say that I’m a bit surprised of myself, improvising this video. I really did think of making an improvised patch from scratch, but at the end, it came out as an improvised tutorial… :slight_smile:
It’s a very deep module, and what I love most about it, is that at the end of the day, when building a patch, all of the technical stuff don’t matter and you can just enjoy the time with it, interacting with it. A beautiful module indeed…

(Omri Cohen) #45

Thank you! I appreciate it :slight_smile:
And I’m hoping to release the Foundry video tomorrow :wink:

(Tugrikyan (OTK)) #46

Holy cow, that’s amazing news, Omri, I sincerely admire your talent and hard work!

(Omri Cohen) #47

Thanks so much! I have the time of my life :slight_smile:

(Jedrzejewskimk) #48

For now I am trying to decipher what the Foundry is all about. It is not easy. But finally I can take care of it myself at home :).

(Omri Cohen) #49

I’m just about to upload the video :slight_smile:

(Omri Cohen) #50

Already in its early stages, I got so much inspiration from Foundry. There are so many things one can do with it, and everything is intuitive and fun. This is indeed the mother of all sequencers…
Foundry is a 4 track sequencer, with up to 32 steps in each sequence, and with 64 sequences all in all that can repeat themselves up to 99 times. One can build whole songs and compositions with this one… It has many cool features like 7 different play modes, an extra cv output for modulating velocity, cutoff point, and even sending another line of pitch information, it has the advanced gate modes just like in all of the other Impromptu sequencers, and it’s even possible to delay the different tracks and add polyrhythmic nuances to your patch. This video is a sort of an introduction to Foundry. I go through all the different features and sections, and I also show how to control it with an external controller.

(Soothsayers) #51

That’s whats up! Thx Omri, looking forward to watching this with lunch tomorrow :slight_smile:

(Tugrikyan (OTK)) #52

Thanks a lot, Omri, for your fine introductory overview of Foundry and sorry for being a little bit late to react on it :smile: I am still wondering (after watching more than several dozens of your excellent tutorials and other types of VCV-related videos) how you have so much patience and energy to make all that stuff regularly :wink:
Well, I must admit also that I had to rewind back and forth 5-6 times your “song making part” (starting from about 19’40) to catch tricky basics of this technique - IMHO very talented (and, sure, very generous to all of us, mere mortals) author of Impromptu series is using too complicated schemes/logic in some parts of his modules (mainly in his SEQ’s)…Anyway, I am really impressed by the wide possibilities of his latest “brainchild” and want to say big thanks to him separately!
And, once more, kudos to you, Omri for all your wonderful videos and patches - it was (and still is!) a main source of my gradual learning of VCV modules and their interaction. Have a good one :wink:

(Marc Boulé) #53

Thanks @tugrikyan! I know that my Phrase Sequencers are not for everybody, but with the kindness of Omri and his tutorials, it helps make them more accessible :slight_smile: . In think in the end, we should strive to use tools that inspire us and intrigue us, and personally when making Foundy, I made a tool that inspires me a lot, hopefully this will be contagious! :wink: Cheers!

(Tugrikyan (OTK)) #54

Thanks again (or should I say better Merci beaucoup :)), Marc! I really like and use frequently several of your nice modules (BTW, my best friend is Clocked ;)). Honestly, I still have some problems with “extended functionality” of e.g. your Phrase Seq’s (mainly with that notorious “song mode”), but now at least I understood main usage methods employed by theirs young & mighty brother (or sister - I dunno ;))…

(Omri Cohen) #55

I hope you will enjoy it :slight_smile:

(Omri Cohen) #56

Hey, thanks! I think that the beauty of the Impromptu modules is the fact that they are very deep, but also very intuitive. It’s true, there is a learning curve, butit’s a fun one :slight_smile:
About the videos, I enjoy working on them, learning new modules or old tricks, and on top of it all I get to know interesting people :slight_smile: Cheers!