Omri Cohen: Tutorial Videos

(Omri Cohen) #21

Thanks so much, Lars!

(Omri Cohen) #22

I think that it’s quite common to fall asleep with noise in the background, and the rain is actually just noise…

(Omri Cohen) #23
After a conversation I had with a friend about this sequencer, I had to go and try it out, and I got really inspired by it I had to record myself, building a patch from scratch with it. This is actually the second try recording it… In the first try, my face was covering half of the modules I talked about, so I had to discard that one… Oh yes, by the way, I thought it will be nicer to record myself with a webcam during these videos, so it’s a bit more personal and I’m not talking just to the screen…
Anyway, I like the result in this one, although there was something weird going on after duplicating the sequencer, but we overcame this.


(Lars Bjerregaard) #24

Good one Omri, it’s nice seing your face actually, continue with that. Loved the first lead sequence. It’s an interesting sequencer.

(Omri Cohen) #25

Thank you, Lars! It is a quite interesting sequencer. It’s nice to try other sequencers sometimes :slight_smile:

(Jim T) #26

I tried to use this sequencer for a long time but always had timing issues with it.

(Omri Cohen) #27

I didn’t encounter any time issues actually… Just the mixed cv thing that didn’t work as I planned…

(Paul Piko) #28

Thanks, I hadn’t looked at that sequencer yet.

Regarding the “out of tune”, it seems that when you turn Audition off it leaves a residual voltage.

(Josep) #29

Thanks a lot, Omri … I can never thank you enough for everything I learn with your videos! Respect! :pray:
BTW, I’ve dared to make you a request (and to others also) in another thread of this section of the forum! :crazy_face:

(Alberto Zamora) #30

I just saw it, and inspired me to make this with Scorovnik. Your videos are always really helpful! :smile:

Have you tried dTr0Y by bIdoo? It is a similar sequencer but with many other features that I personally love, and it’s inspired by amazing modules like the Intellijel Metropolis or the Roland 185.

(Omri Cohen) #31

Thanks! Yeah, there was an issue with the out coming voltage, but that’s the whole point of this kind of videos, learning from “mistakes”, so I’m happy it happened :slight_smile:

(Omri Cohen) #32

Thanks so much! I really appreciate it. I will have a look at the thread :slight_smile:

(Omri Cohen) #33

Oh man! That’s awesome! Nice work :slight_smile:
I did a video about bordl a while ago, so I guess dtroy is also in line… How cool!

(Paul Piko) #34

Yeah, I think turning off Audition first thing might workaround the issue. :thinking:

(Lars Bjerregaard) #35

Hehe, love the title :smile:

(Omri Cohen) #36

I will give it a shot…

(Josep) #37

Awsome, and i liked a lot @Sum-Nihil! … But as a beginner i have the need to ask you some questions :wink:

  • Did you made the whole track with VCV Rack?
  • Beside Scorovnik, what other modules did you use?

P.S.: I’ve been listening to your music on the Soundcloud channel, and I like everything you’ve done in the last six months (especially the rhythms), concretely MP - R3, The Stronger Algorithm (my two favorites, apart from ‘La Drunkanella’), and the interesting Lluvia :clap:

By the way, don’t you like your voice? … It’s that the voice is always covered by the music or by an exaggerated reverb, so it is impossible to understand anything of what you say :slightly_frowning_face: (especialmente en ‘Rios de Lagrimas’, ‘Letter to the Moon’ y ‘Rain’, que me gustaria saber lo que dices)

(Alberto Zamora) #38

Hehehe thanks, I’m glad you liked it. :grin:

Yes, audio is recorded using NYSTHI’s MasterRecorder 2.

The violin is sampled from La Campanella with bIdoo’s Player. Drums are made using Vult’s Trummor 2 and Autodafe’s Snare, and triggered with Gate Sequencer by Aepelzen’s. The bass is made with Seven Seas, Debriatus and XFX F-35 (which is modulated by the BPM LFO of Frozen Wasteland to the resonance and ADSR of Bogaudio to the frequency.). Then, Scorovnik is sending the sequence to the v/oct input of Player to change the sample, and the same sequence is send 5 tones up to the v/oct input of Seven Seas.

Not really :confused: my voice is kind of crappy when singing, so to make up for that I process it a lot hehehe. I have been getting better at that since recording those songs, but not that much, as you can hear in Cult (Which was not made with Rack, but I’m planning to adapt it). :sweat_smile:

(Omri Cohen) #39

I started this video in a mindset of a patch from scratch kind of video, but this sequencer is so deep, so interesting, I spent more time going into all the details than on building a patch… It’s a sort of a long video, but there are timestamp links to the different sections of the video.
The Klee sequencer is not a sequence that you program and forget, it’s not something to use when wanting a certain progression of notes\gates. The Klee sequencer is a module to communicate with, listening to how it reacts, how it responds. It’s the perfect sequencer for when you’re looking add uncertainty to your patches. And it’s also really fun and unique in live situations, always in motion and very organic. It’s also very deep, so in this video, I go through all the different aspects of the Klee sequencer and look in depth at all of its features.

(Nik Jewell) #40

Bravo Omri ! A module that I have loaded up a few times and rapidly removed !