Omri Cohen: Tutorial Videos

Looks really interesting. Can you share a link to one of those sessions?

Hey Omri great video and perfectly explains running VCV with Ableton. It all functions as explained but I seem to have a problem recording VCV. If I click the arming button to cue up a track I get a popup saying there’s an error saving a particular wav file and the arm button doesn’t turn red until I deselect a previously armed track. Even when the track is armed it doesn’t record any audio.

Tried a couple of different things like trying to record to an extra audio track that’s not directly connected to Bridge and using a different version of Bridge. No luck. I’m running the latest version of Ableton and VCV.

Any thoughts?

I didn’t encounter anything like this, I wonder what it can be… Do you have this with other projects as well?

No just anything connected to Bridge. Other audio tracks in the same project function as normal.

Ah never mind. Looks to be an issue I’ve got with Ableton not Bridge. I’m getting it in other situations too now.

Cheers Omri.

Ok, I hope it will work!

Hmmmm, ok…

Here’s a part were someone else is playing guitar, I’m not sure if it was Strum ( yeah from Mental modules ), playing live from Australia, or if it was another guitar player from the U.S. (Twitch handle JingleEngle )

I’m only at the begining of testing this technology, so there is not much to show/hear in my opinion but it’s a start.

I’m only showing Rack in the video, but i use Jamtaba as a vst to do this for “audio routing” purpose. So you can only hear.

And, Omri, if you ever want to try something, I’d be really happy to try and jam with you. We could just do private test at first. But I’m confident we’ll have a blast :stuck_out_tongue:

Just PM me for anything if you like this.

This link is from yesterday, an 8hours stream I did on twitch. Here it is starting at 1:42:11 with some guitar:

P.S. this link will self destruct in 13 days (out of 14 total) because that’s how Twitch works :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok for reference if this happens to anyone else it was my antivirus software suddenly taking exception to Ableton (probably a change in the last update).

Did a repair on the antivirus and when trying Ableton again got a warning that the antivirus was trying to block it when arming tracks so just selected Allow and things are back to normal.

Here’s another jam the day before, with ShapeNoise, Dronehands, JingleEngle and me

Since it’s my stream, the “mix” is the one I made of the 4 musicians, you can’t really decypher who’s doing what unless you were actually part of the jam.

I guess from now on, I need, (other jammer also), to learn what other musicians styles and playings are in order to give space to each others at certain point in the jam. It really is a work in progress :wink:



Oh also Omri in the comments you’re asked about the Bridge-Fx option and you weren’t sure what the difference was.

This one can be dropped into the fx rack of an audio track to record VCV. It’s still tied to a port number so only good for recording one track as you’d have to have multiple audio modules running to multitrack and with 16 tracks being the max as there are only 16 ports. Standard Bridge is the best option for multitrack.

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Oh wow, I will definitely have a look! Thanks!

Really good stuff and your streamer software looks very interesting indeed.

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Aw, I was hoping I wouldn’t be skipped from a roundup again! Did they get released too late in the month to make it?

23:30 :wink:

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Ah nice! Didn’t see them in the index or when scrolling around those misc sections, my bad

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Yeah, I’m sorry, but I didn’t have enough time to study them for the video…

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Ah no worries! I was afraid it fell through the cracks, with my plugin having been out of date on the library for a month.

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