Ohmer & OhmerPrems announcements and feedback thread

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Hi everyone,

I just published lastest Ohmer Modules (Ohmer plugin) update to v2.2.1. It will appear in VCV Library shortly, I guess.

Lastest release: https://github.com/DomiKamu/Ohmer/releases/tag/v2.2.1 (Thanks to Jens Peter Nielsen for Mac and M1 Mac builds).

Plugin homepage: https://github.com/DomiKamu/Ohmer

Merry Christmas! :pray:



Files here: HiDrive (valid for 30 days)

Merry Christmas


Hi Jens Peter, it’s a quick/fast service ! :pray:

Thank you very much!

Question: do you compile from virtual machine? if yes, Windows?

I have just set up a WSL2 Ubuntu on Windows11. Using the docker toolchain in it.

The WSL2 docker install was not obvious, but I found this:

Docker on WSL2 without Docker Desktop - /dev/solita

and the toolchain from here:

GitHub - VCVRack/rack-plugin-toolchain

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Ok, thanks a lot!

Your Mac & M1 Mac binaries are added in “v2.2.1 Release”.

I compile for Windows, from Windows 10, and Linux from VM Ubuntu 22.04.1 LTS (VMware Player 16).

Hi everyone,

I just published lastest Ohmer Modules (Ohmer plugin) update to v2.2.2 (against VCV Rack SDK v2.2.2). It will appear in VCV Library shortly (I guess).

Lastest release: https://github.com/DomiKamu/Ohmer/releases/tag/v2.2.2 (Thanks again to Jens Peter Nielsen for Mac and M1 Mac builds).

Plugin homepage: https://github.com/DomiKamu/Ohmer

Happy New Year celebrations :pray:



Hi everyone,

This is a short demo concerning KordZ module (from OhmerPrems plugin). In this video, the module “decodes” single (monophonic) arp notes, from “Lead” track (instrument is Synapse’s DUNE 3).

The KordZ module reads the V/Oct. signal (from MIDI track → MIDI - CV module), not the audio!


Bitwig Studio 4.4.6, VCV Rack 2 Pro v2.2.2 “preview” (VST3).



OhmerPrems plugin (QuadPercs and KordZ modules) is updated to 2.2.2 (pre-release), for VCV Rack 2.

Available builds for Linux, Mac Intel, Mac M1 (ARM64), and Windows platforms.

For OhmerPrems members, your license key remains unchanged.

QuadPercs module:

  • Now Drumulator drum machine (part of full version) is offered to… free users (2023 gift!).
  • Free version: any drum machine can be selected. But except free DMX, Drumulator, LinnDrum, TR-707, and TR-808, all others drum machines are muted.

This plugin (KordZ module in particular) needs some additional works prior to be submitted for VCV Library integration, as stable 2.2.2.

Don’t hesitate to report here, or via GitHub issue, if necessary.


Hi. I’m having very good results from using you QuadPercs Free in my patches for creating a very functional drum sequencer. Before going further, I want to confirm that the 5 drum machines provided in Free are in fact fully featured with no time limitiations, etc. That is what I read from my manual, but I just want to verify.

I am mostly using the LinnDrum machine for creating my 11 piece kit and am very pleased with the quality. This is a much cleaner kit than what I was using before made up of at least a couple of different plugins’ modules.

I’m pretty sure I can do just about everything I plan to do in posting a set of drum sequencer patterns here, based on the 90 patterns that I created in my Meander for Windows application years ago.

Thanks for such a great free set of machines and voices.

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Hi, yep I confirm the 5 drum machines as Free don’t have any limitation. No time limitation concerning QuadPercs module. Only KordZ module is 2~3 minutes limited, per module instance.

Since this release 2.2.2, free version is now 5 drum machines, instead of 4. Now Drumulator drum machine is offered as free (previouly, this DM was for OhmerPrems members only - it’s a kind of 2023 gift :wink:). Other (all 11) drum machines (and all of their kit parts/instruments) now are selectable, but they’re muted (aka no audio output). This choice is to give greater compatibility for VCV patch files made by OhmerPrems member (user) and shared (eg on PatchStorage). Of course, to “hear” all 16 machines (full version), a license key is required (OhmerPrems member, lifetime subscription model).

All machines was sampled by myself during mid-2018, from real hardwares, no processing (pure/clean), recorded just “behind” machines, in a small studio near Paris, France. These operations wasn’t free (studio rent sessions), so it’s the main reason why OhmerPrems plugin is commercial (but also free, despite some limitations). Unfortunately, all samples used by QuadPercs are WAV 44.1kHz 16-bit mono.

At the moment, simply avoid the KordZ module (QuadPercs isn’t affected), I must re-write part of “chord dictionnary” (culprit is here, but remains under investigations) - by chance, I’ve discovered this issue, the reason why I’ve advised OhmerPrems users here, also on French VCV Facebook group, and on my GitHub (main README and Release).


You’re welcome. Enjoy QuadPercs module, even Free, proud you like this module!

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Thanks for the explanations.

I am still exploring and experimenting. If this was just for my own music, I would buy your premium plugin license, but since I’m trying to do some sharing of patches and selection files, I need to stick to free modules for the time being. I’m afraid that if I buy the premium now, I will get myself confused. It is good to know that I could buy the premiums but only use the free machines in files I intend to share and that would still work if if the user had free or premium. Please confirm it I have this correct.

Nope unfortunately, if you’re Premium, but you share your patch, Free users will don’t hear instruments provided by Prems (for these users, instruments remain selected, but muted until they’ve a license key too). If course, if user using your patch is also Prems, no problem!

They’re no license restriction if you do public productions by using Free (even commercial productions), I mean no fee or something similar. Free version is free for anything.

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Hi Dominique,

Is the one on the left (white one) the one you call Drumulator ? Or is it a different module all together ?

On any! You can select drum machine by clicking on channel button (1, 2, 3 or 4) when blinking, you can select drum machine. Then by clicking again, you can select kit part (instrument) for related machine.

All modules you see are strictly identical (identical features), only GUI (model) are different: base plate, main dot-matrix display (DMD), and “metal” used for jacks & screws, that’s all.


I meant if I have Premium but I distributed a patch that only uses the Free machines, that should work for a user who has Free or Premium. Right?

Yes, of course! Free machines are “shareable” without problem between Prems member and free users.

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Great, thanks.

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Scenarios… You’re Prems member:

1/ If you use only Free instruments, they work for everybody (either Free and Premium users, of course).

2/ If you use Premium instruments, these instruments work for other Premium. For Free users, these Premium instruments remain selected, but muted (however, can are unlocked if the user becomes OhmerPrems member too!).

Now if you mix Free and Premium machines in your patch, free user can hear free instrument(s) only - Premium stay muted (until the user have its license too).

Hope my explanation is clear?

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Thanks. I think I understand now. Sounds very flexible. I will buy a Premium license soon to help support your work.

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