Ohmer Modules: Looking for full version of QuadPercs

Trying to become an OhmerPrems subscribe to get full version of QuadPercs. Any info on how to do that would be appreciated! Thanks!

Info near the bottom of README.md at:

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Thanks… Became a subscriber and made my donation. Awaiting email with download link.

Hi all. Became subscriber and make my donation 4 days ago. No mail with the download link. Do you know something about Dominique Camus ? Thanks for your help.

Hi John, sorry for late reply because I was away from my computer during many months. You’re OhmerPrems member since Feb. 2019.

For VCV Rack 2, the (common registered/free) plugin can be downloaded from Library. https://library.vcvrack.com/?brand=Ohmer%20Modules

Then, I’ve sent your personal license keyfile (by email, 18-Oct-2021), so do you have received it?


Dominique CAMUS

Ohmer & OhmerPrems modules

Can you tell me, by email (domi.camus@free.fr):

  • Your first & last name?
  • Your PayPal ID transaction.

Thanks in advance.

Dominique Camus

Ohmer & OhmerPrems modules