[Offer Ended] Donate €20 to Damien's gofundme and get a ShapeMaster Pro license

Damien Lefevre’s gofundme campaign has now reached its goal!

A massive thank you to everyone who donated!

The offer of ShapeMaster Pro licenses for those who donated to the fund raiser is therefore now over according to term 3 below.

5 licenses were claimed raising €120. All 5 have been assigned.


This offer was only open to people who donated a minimum of €20 to Damien’s fund raiser AFTER this offer was made and it ended when one of the following 3 conditions occurred:

  1. 10 licenses have been assigned to donators to Damien’s gofundme

  2. 24 hours have passed from the time this offer is made (it ends at 10am UK time on 14 May 2021).

  3. Damien’s fundraiser reaches its target (even if 10 licenses have not been assigned yet)


This offer has now ended as Damien’s fund raiser has reached its goal.


Huge thanks to Steve and Marc for running this offer!