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---- added EARLY REFLECTIONS with a DRY-WET MIX pot; EARLY REFLECTIONS are computed before entering PREDELAY stage

---- added PREDELAY with DRY-WET MIX pot and a msecs Pt. Msecs are from 1 to 400, PREDELAY is computed before entering first ALL PASSES smoothers

– NYECHOecoeco

---- solve a crash on win

---- corrected some timing when switching to slow mode

– SMASHMASTER (+ RODENT V2 + other distortion)

---- improved memory mode for low memory situation/pressure on win


---- added selective RANDOMIZE for CV LINES A B C D E and REP (via contextual menu)

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(Antonio Tuzzi) #3

check the changes to NYECHOEchoeco: it’s a fantastic module !
VERY VERY underrated

(Lars Bjerregaard) #4

NYSTHI - The biggest of the Operating Systems running on the Rack architecture :face_with_monocle:


i don’t really use a lot of echo / delay, but i should try using it more!

(Browneditor) #6

Thanks for the Squonk Update

(funkブラスタ) #7

It will always be DISFUNCTIONALCONVOLVZILL in my heart.

I can’t seem to thank you enough for fixing that nasty bug for NYECHO that prevented me from using it. Now I can use it more than ever!

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(Espen Storo) #9

I’m a delay junkie, and I love this thing. :smiley:

(Antonio Tuzzi) #10

next announce will be done in #announcements (and will use always same topic)

(Andrew Belt) #11

Moved to announcements

(Scook) #12

Good news WRT NYECHOecoeco crash fix, thanks. Really like the module…