NYSTHI version v1.0.12

system ? I’ve tested on all os

do you have a minimal patch ?


I’ve found a bug, now I have to discover the cause thanks for the report if you have any trick please use my github!


please check this release

special release to debug the BZ Mapper

v1.0.11 (2020-03-08)

– BZ-MAPPER solve bug: was not loading correctly the NODES informations


new release coming

v1.0.12 (2020-06-02)


  • is the µOP big brother with all feature exposed

  • it’s a pure SINE VCO to be used for FM

  • full POLY 16 voices


    YELLOW DISPLAY: Set base frequency (can be reset using contextual menu)
    same rules as in LFOMultiphase, you can write 120 bpm for example

    CV-IN: poly CV in 1V/Octave
    RATIO: the RATIO applied to the tuning system
    DETACH: if used as expander/carrier, to detach the INCOMING TUNING

    OCT: set the Octave
    SEMI: Semitone
    FINE: ± 1 semitone
    SYNC: input to reset the phase. The phase will be reset to the curret PHASE ctrl value
    CLKIN: applying a clock it’s possible to set a frequency using an external device

    PHASE: to set start phase
    (via contextual menu it’s possbile to add some
    PRE-PHASE variation to the 16 voice to give more movement)
    PHASE CV IN + PHASE CV VCA: to control phase using external CV
    EXP FM IN + EXP FM IN VCA: to modulate pitch, exponential way

    MOD INDEX: modulation index base
    MOD INDEX CV + VCA: to modulate the MOD INDEX

    LINEAR FM INPUTS (1 to 5): lin fm inputs… 5 because dx7 op have 5 IN…

    FEEDBACK: feedback level; there are 2 types of feedback, switchable using contextual menu
    FEEDBACK CV + VCA: to modulate the FEEDBACK

    OUT CV + VCA + LEVEL: it’s an output level controlled via CV + VCA
    OUT: the OUTPUT

  • it’s an EXPANDER, you can build fast dx7 algorithms
    when is carrier a PURPLE light is ON at the TOPRIGHT
    when is modulator a BLUE light is ON at the TOPLEFT

    when connected as expander, the modulator receives CV voltage from the carrier
    (the voltage can be overridden via DETACH in context menu, yellow light on) the modulator sends the output to LIN FM IN to the carrier


  • it’s a standard ADSR, very similar to PolyADSR but AUTO chainable with TZOP, to make dx7 algorithms FAST
  • with STEREO VCA


  • it’s a reverb based on GigaVerb
  • added stereo mode
  • you can edit presets in the ambuance.presets file


  • remodulated some params

  • better shaping of feedback param

  • it’s now POLY

  • it’s an EXPANDER, you can build fast dx7style algorithms
    when is carrier a PURPLE light is ON at the TOP-RIGHT
    when is modulator a BLUE light is ON at the TOP-LEFT

    when connected as expander, the modulator receives CV voltage from the carrier
    (the voltage can be overridden via DETACH in context menu, yellow light on) the modulator sends the output to LIN FM IN to the carrier


  • fully polyphonic, for all ports
  • polyphony depends on polyphonic GATE/TRIG in
  • added 1sec 10secs 100secs time ranges


  • fully polyphonic, for all ports
  • polyphony depends on polyphonic GATE/TRIG in
  • add EXPONENTIAL mode from contextual menu



  • [FEATURE REQ] add export by separated tracks if WAV
  • exported can be mono or stereo
  • [FEATURE REQ] add grouping of exported separated tracks in a single directory


  • [BUG] Repair the POLY behaviour: correct initialization

  • emulation of the 4 rates 4 levels DX7 operator envelop

  • values are like in DX7 from 0 to 1

  • rates are from super SLOW to hyper FAST

  • levels are from 0 to MAX

  • added SCALE (from -1 to 1) and OFFSET (-10 to +10)

  • 2 inner VCA to control Audio Stereo signals

  • TRIG (Attack Release) mode or GATED (level 1, level 2 level3SUSTAIN, level 4)

  • TRIG CHAIN to control more DXEnvelopes with same trig or gate signal

  • TRIG GATE button

  • LED to signal the trig or gate status

  • fully POLY based on the GATE input number of channels

  • fully poly for the 2 VCA 1 and 2 (32 vcas)



  • [FEATURE REQ] add REVERSE mode

  • it’s a doppler simulator

    • click with right mouse-button to add point
    • click on points to move them
    • click on point with right button to remove it


  • IN and OUT stereo mode

  • ZOOM to scale the grid from 0.25x to 4x

    • every single square in the grid represent 10 meters
  • SOUND SOURCE SPEED is the base speed of the source moving on the path, is expressed in Km/h

  • SPEED CV accept Voltages from 0 to 10v, the out is limited by the attenuator and summed to SOUND SOURCE SPEED

  • START activates the sound source on the path resetting to the START position

  • STOP-CONT can STOP and CONTINUE the source moving on the path

  • RESET rest the source to the START position

  • LOOP if ON the source will loop on the path

  • REVERSE if ON th movement of the source is reversed on the path

  • PITCH SHIFT if OFF removes the pitch shift effect

  • BINAURAL if OFF considers the 2 delay lines representing the ears as equivalent

  • BINAURAL if ON intracranial delay is computed for evey position in space of the source

  • VOLUME ATTEN if OFF removes the effect of the volume attenuation due to the distance source-listener

  • SHOW INFO if ON shows informations about :

    • complete path length
    • instantaneous speed of the moving sound source
    • traveled distance by the moving sound source
    • distance of the source from the listener
    • relative speed “moving sound source - listener”





  • [FEATURE REQ] add “Autoplay on LOAD” command from MENU
    • if ON (by default) the sampler will play, on LOAD
    • if OFF a START command (or a trig) is needed


  • [FEATURE REQ] add tuning ranges via contextual menu


  • [FEATURE REQ] let the offset go from -10 to +10
  • [FEATURE REQ] give one decimal more of resolution

New Fm voices and a new Reverb ! Exciting :smiley:

TZEN and TZOP (µOP and µEN) can be connected as expanders
A TZOP placed at right, of another TZOP becomes a MODULATOR
The one to the LEFT is a CARRIER

the CARRIER broadcasts the TUNING information (only FINE is still active on the MODULATOR) to the right

the MODULATOR broadcasts the output to the LINEAR FM Modulation, just before the MOD index, to the CARRIER at the LEFT

if a TZEN is in the middle, the MODULATOR data is shaped by the Envelope

the MODindex can be controlled directly, or via CV
or via the TZEN (and scale and sustarin)
or via the VCA that is at the output of the modulator


Nice, can’t wait for the reverb!

@synthi huge thanks for separate WAVs request implemented! But it seems that recording length limit is still as if I record one 16-track WAV, is it expected? Was kinda hoping that with separated tracks I will be limited with 2-track WAV max size…

no, was not expected maybe I’ve overlooked something

open an issue and describe everything: how many tracks, sampling rate, how many minutes, sample format thanks

maybe I’ve found something
but I need your data
I’ve found that one of of the file managers was using a unsigned long as counter creating a possible overflow when the recorded file is bigger than 2^32

@synthi yeah i still get my files deleted with no trace of recording… was going to open a new issue yesterday, but failed to understand if it’s actually wav size limit, or i’m hitting that another (old) bug.

for example i tried to record 9 minutes of 32 tracks at 48khz 16 bits which should result in ~1.5 Gb if my math is correct? - still the file got deleted.

i’m ready to provide any data you need
maybe you could re-open old issue? jic here it is: https://github.com/nysthi/nysthi/issues/279


@ROGAVKA I’ve just finished a long test recorded 23 minutes 16 bits 64 tracks

the task created an 8GB file

the post task created 64 valid WAV files of 125Mb each

I think the problem is only in Win10 systems (just wait next release for another variation)

here some pictures of my capture

the PCM file

the separated WAV
Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 12.36.48

tracks from 61 to 64 imported in OceanAudio

duration more than 23 minutes
Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 12.38.20

so, do you think you have found a problem already? if you’re unable to test on win10 I’ll be happy to help :slight_smile:

anyway, thanks for getting into this!

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I never experienced the problem but who knows… I changed a counter

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I have a mutation of ambuance to have WET really WET


v1.0.13 (2020-06-10)



  • debug: discovered an undersized counter (overflowing with files bigger than 4gb on Win10)


  • [feature request] add remove original signal from WET path, using contextual menu

In case anyone else on win10 was struggling with recording their multitrack 30-minutes ambient jams through polyrec64 - all issues were fixed in 1.0.13. cheers for @synthi - he’s the best!


It seems like BZ-MAPPER isn’t working with polyphonic signals, are you aware of this issue @synthi?

please open and issue on nysthi github so I can track (and evaluate) ! grazie mille !