NYSTHI v2.1.19 release

I was trying the toolchain scripts (commenting out the MAC part because I prefer doing it aside)

but I’m getting both for WIN and LINUX an error on

[ERROR]    isl: download failed

(many times, may retries)

thank you!


No. libstdc++ is actually linked statically for plugins. The build process uses the one that is supported by the current gcc compiler. It does not have any requirement of the host OS’s libstdc++ version.

I’ll bring it up with Andrew to put that in the appropriate place in the manual section for building.

There will be no downloadable Docker image (for various reasons, one being that the macOS portion requires a legal SDK and we can’t distribute it due to licensing).

But anyone can build their own Docker image with the rack-plugin-toolchain. That is as easy as it can get. See the README for the command to execute to build the toolchain in the Docker image.

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The v2 branch of the rack-plugin-toolchain repo, which you should be using for v2 builds, has this issue fixed. I pushed a fix for v1, too, yesterday, but apparently there is still an issue. I am looking into that. Note, that the master branch will only build v1 plugins.

UPDATE: v1 branch is fixed.


I’m just noticing that the V2 toolchain uses MacOSX11.1.sdk which is bumped up compared to MacOSX10.13.sdk for V1. Could that be the reason that Rack V2 cannot start at all on macOS 10.12 or lower? Because I’m guessing the Fundamental plugin is built with it.

No. Plugins are not built yet with the rack-plugin-toolchain. It is still in alpha status being tested. Andrew builds all of the beta releases on his own system. Now, the only thing the SDK upgrade and compiler upgrade did was move the minimum supported macOS version from 10.6 to 10.9. I have no idea why it wouldn’t launch on 10.12.

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#v2.0.0beta3 (2021-11-02)


  • debug: led display to support lights


####Imperial Aerosol Kid

  • is the probabilistic version of ELSKER with some added features

  • it’s a PULSE and GATE programmer with LOOPING and SEQUENCING abilities

  • there are 12 GATE PULSE programmers

  • every GATE PULSE PROGRAMMER contains

    • TAP TRIG and TRIG IN to start the action
    • in violet
    • a draggable display for the DELAY TIME in SECONDS from 0 to 999.999 seconds
      • it’s the DELAY time for the GATE activation
    • a draggable display for the PROBABILITY for the delay, from 0.0 to 1.0
      • the final time is given by this formula
      • DELAY * PROBABILITY + DELAY * ((1 - PROBABILITY * RANDOM(0,1) - 0.5)
    • a small display to present the effective DELAY time (in violet)
    • in green
    • a small display to present the effective DURATION
    • a draggable display for the DURATION TIME in SECONDS from 0.001 to 999.999 seconds
      • it’s the DURATION of the GATE
    • a draggable display for the PROBABILITY for the duration, from 0.0 to 1.0
      • the final time is given by this formula
    • GATE OUT
    • SOG (START of GATE pulse OUT)
    • EOG (END of GATE pulse OUT)
    • LOOP (it’s like a connected cable from EOG to TRIGIN), will restart the process
      • it’s good for gate LFOs or wobbly timers/triggers
  • GLOBAL commands

      • will trig all the 12 progreammers at once
    • RESET
      • will reset any runner programmer and also the FLAG “ONE SHOT”
    • 1 SHOT on off mode
      • if active all the programmer will respond only to the first TRIG and a RESET to clean the FLAG will be needed to ARM again the PROGRAMMERS
    • SEQUENCE mode ON OFF
      • it’s like to have a the EOG pulse out connected to the next programmer, from 1 to 12 and the the 12th is connected to the 1st TRIG in

    the CLOCK-IN mode

    • if a clock is incoming the 2 display will be activaded and will show the informations about the clock

      • time differential between trigs, in msecs
      • value in BPM of the incoming trig
    • when a clock is in the values of the programmers DURATIONS and DELAYS are no more considered as time
      but as multiplier of the incoming clock

    for example, let’s say you are getting a 2 hz clock, 120 bpm (500 msecs between trigs)

    and your programmer is set to DELAY of 0.5 and the GATE to 0.25 means that the GATE will start at (0.5 * 0.5), 0.25 seconds with a duration of (0.25 * 0.5) 0.125 msecs of course thing become complicated adding probabilities


  • feature request: added INSERT scene command, via TAP and TRIG IN
    the insert mode is BEFORE current scene


  • add a grid on off microbutton (in GRID area, close to GRID title)
  • add a RND on EOC mode for the SLICE sequencer, is valid if GRID MODE is OFF
  • add: if in GRID mode the RANDOM select input in the slice area will select a RANDOM GRID selection


  • add a RND on EOC mode for the SLICE sequencer, is valid if GRID MODE is OFF
  • add: if in GRID mode the RANDOM select input in the slice area will select a RANDOM GRID selection
  • debug: if in GRID mode other action from SLICE area are disabled



  • feature request: add capability to import "cue " chunks from WAV files (we can import now Morphagene splice points)
    rules are:

    1. As in Morphagene we have splices and in SIMPLICITER slices, we import them as ranges

    slice 1 is splice1 to splice 2
    slice 2 is splice 2 to splice 3

    1. If SIMPLICITER contains already slices, no splices will be imported
    2. if 2 or more contiguous splices are of the same value, only one will be considered
    3. Last splice will always create a slice going from “last splice” to “end of sample” (only special case if last splice IS last sample)
  • new export functionality, the Save as WAV command will export slices as CUE points

    1. A list of slices must exist
    2. Only the START of every slice will be exported as CUE POINT


  • solved a crash removing the module

404 Page Not Found

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doesn’t seem to be here either Releases · nysthi/nysthi · GitHub

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:musical_note: It’s not real! It’s not Rael! :musical_note:


check check


Oh yes, everything is much better now. :saxophone: :saxophone: :saxophone:

Gratias multas ago tibi. :slight_smile:

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Nice one Antonio!

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:slight_smile: Nice!! Rael looks very interesting, looking forward to playing with it. Maybe it also solves the problem with Elsker, where if end was patched to beginning of a line the duration had no effect, always short trigger. Thanks Antonio!


I know what you are saying about ELSKER:

because you were connecting GATE OUT to the TRIG IN, and the TRIG IN will act as on rising edge of signal, having the delay set to zero will reset the inner trig

That’s the reason I have decided to add the SOG and EOG pulses signals! :sunglasses::muscle:


I always thought RAEL is a nice guy! :alien:



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@synthi Thank you for adding the reload trigger to 02NAGOL, I plan to make good use of it!

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Hello Mr. Nysthi, Just playing around with Simpliciter and Confusing Simpler tonight. In V1, you could drag a .wav file onto the module and it would load. On V2, I can’t do that. I’m on a Mac if that matters. Everything else seems to be working great. Thanks!

there is a bug in the GLFW library they are using in the official release for the V2

maybe is still not solved ?

@GrayCatMusic did you recompile RACK by yourself ? did you do the full clean ? included dependencies ?