Nysthi Sussudio sampler won't load samples?

Greetings - I was following along this excellent tutorial from Omri on Sussudio and tried loading up a few samples from Empty Vessels.

Loaded module in VCV, connected to output, right clicked on Sussudio and selected “Load wav or aiff” and … nothing. The sample didn’t load, the module appeared as it was when loaded empty (no waves in the viewer).

Anybody else having this problem?

Any tips?

You probably have to click on NEXT, so the sample will play, it also happened to me.

Hello @fhjurden & @saulo_costa welcome to the forum!

@fhjurden is there anything you can tell about the sample file that you are trying to load? ie: samplerate/bitrate ?


I tried a couple different samples each w diff rates. I reached out to Omri and he shared one @ 44 and I tried two dif ones @48; no luck!

is the sample file on a local HD ? can you drag & drop it ? is the directory containing it full of other files ?

The file is local…I tried dragging to no effect. The sample is the only file in the folder…thx for the tips!

What OS ? version VCV ?

please send me the file (or share an URL) grazie anto

@yeager: Thanks for reminding me! I should have included that info and I think it may be the source of the prob.

I have 2 macs: one running OS X 10.15.7, and one running 10.14 something. I have VCV 1.1.6 on both.

Sussudio does not work on 10.15.7 (won’t load the sample), while it does work on 10.14 mac. YMMV. Note that Complex Simpler works on both OS X versions.

@synthi The sample I have been testing is here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5inzqtptao3nlfr/Cocteau%20AF%20Edit%203.aif?dl=0

Thanks in advance!

AH! I have a Mac 10.13.6 :slight_smile:

btw, great SAMPLE !!! I’m just writing a billionaire hit with it! :heart: :wink:

At this point I guess is something about permission to access the file sorry, can’t help you currently can’t update my mac, for real life reasons

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Just as another data point: dragging a wav file onto Sussudio works for me on a mac running 10.15.5.

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@synthi glad you like the sample; its just raw guitar thru several Valhalla VSTs (vintage verb, supermassive, I believe).

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Feature request/suggestion @synthi Is there any chance you might make your sample player modules play flac files?

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sorry, I won’t do it, because I don’t want to use external libs


Fair enough!

As for me on Windows 10, in the file name (and path probably) there should not be any spaces or special symbols like underscores, it loads well files “1.wav” and “abd.wav”, and do not loads a_b.wav