Nysthi Simpliciter major audio / CPU problems

Hi, first time posting here after just getting the V2 VST version, and aside from some teething issues, one major issue I have always had is with Nysthi’s Simpliciter. Running one as a simply sample player seems fine, but the moment I try recording live input its only time until the entire audio glitches beyond reasons, overloads the DAC, and makes we worry about the health of my ears and headphones. Using the same patch (which uses four Simpliciters daisy chained) in Ableton Live, despite the performance meters showing very low values, Live’s CPU meter was peaking at like 40% - despite a very reasonable buffer size which wont reach 40% even with 8 amp sims in a full mix project. If the CPU spikes even once, the samplers glitch to hell, break the audio, break VCV so no more audio comes out, and when I reload VCV, Live crashes.

Am I the only one having these issues?

@synthi FYI

  1. report the issue in my github
  2. I don’t use daw and don’t plan to use it
  3. I don’t own VCV Rack vst
  4. simpliciter is not done for LONG TERM recordings, if you go over 30 secs, you are on your own: maybe the DAW is not reserving memory
  5. as I don’t record over 30 secs in my experiments the solution would be to put an hard limit, this will be for everyone (no contextual menu, all or nothing)
  6. recording == consuming live memory: 30 secs at 48kHz → 11.520.000 bytes

I’ve changed a little bit the memory allocations moving at the end of recording the full storage construction

maybe will be better, but only real life experience will let us know

in version 2 0 12

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Hey Antonio, How are the files handled when the project is taken to a different computer? It seemed to be crashing VCV when it was on a different computer… eventually it opens. It’d be great to have a ‘locate file’ menu item. Love using Simpliciter and your other plugs btw :slight_smile:

is it crashing or not ?
and if it crashes, open an issue on github with the operation description and all the usual

“locate file” would be just like “open file” : the file is reassociated

maybe I have to rethink the “move around” philosophy, naaaa
I wont’ do it: for me means stay forever correcting all the samplers… :wink:

You can get the vcv for free from VCV. Or do you have a policy that the vst is not supported? That would be reasonable, to me, but if that’s your policy you might make it clear to users?

I have no policy
I always try to do my best to satisfy nysthi fan (given the limited time) :heart:

Sincerely I can’t see any defect.
Simpliciter used to save in special cache directory because of “porting the documents around problem”, but some user complained about disk space used. So I removed completely the cache.

  1. If you do any recording is it user responsibility to save in a file to associate it to the sampler
  2. if you move the project on another computer, I guess you’ll move the audio files too, at this point “locate file” or “open file” are the same thing