nysthi simpliciter - can't delete slices without crashing?

hi all,

hoping this isn’t a repeat thread, but has anyone else encountered this behavior before? whenever i try to delete a slice within nyshti simpliciter it freezes vcv. typically, i’m loading a drum break (.wav) into it and creating slices. all that works just fine, but i can never seem to delete a slice without vcv going unresponsive. thanks for any insights anyone might have!

Yeah works for me sometimes, in other patches it randomly crashes. Sadly that collection isn’t maintained at the moment…

good to know - thank you for replying. too bad to hear about nysthi’s current status - there are a few things i’m finding that may be holding simpliciter back from being a fully functional slice-based sampler. otherwise, it’s one of my favorite modules in vcv!

Yep it’s old now but still one of the best! The developer @synthi is still on the forum, tagging just in case he ever decides to pick this up again, or open up the code. No pressure Antonio! :wink:

I made a patch earlier this year using it as a kind of micro-looper, where it grabs short pieces of live audio and plays them back looped at different octaves. It sounds more like a granular delay, but I also still use it as a regular looper. There are so many possibilities with it…


Love Simpliciter, a brilliant audio manipulator.

I have been taken with the Omri Cohen/ Path Set collection, it does cost a bit, but just so fun to use. Panther Cap is especially useful with the pitch and speed controls as separate things entirely. CV can do some great things like slice audio, not an automated effect, but something you can sequence and make some lovely textures. There are free versions of Truffles and Hyphae that show some of their capabilities.

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Looks like the code is available for some one who want to see about taking it on :slight_smile:

That’s not the code for the plugin; the code is not open source. The github for reporting issues is GitHub - nysthi/nysthi. Antonio responds to issues there and has been hoping to get time to return to development for Rack.